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victoria douka-doukopoulou

duration: 17 min

entries on display:

I have sat down and built myself a loom.
I sit on it day and night and I weave the invisible.
I make carpets, and blankets and tapestries.
and then I write you letters with instructions
on how to see them.
I am writing you now, to make plans for you
to come and see my tapestries.

acatalog.allthingsinvisible.online complies stories of the
invisible, the unthinkable and the inappreciable.

the installation of the three-fold catalog indexes scores for a
performative lecture, a documentary and an archive that
can never be actualised as their building material is the
invisible itself.

the catalog is mainly words — technical words, english words
motivated by the sensitivity of practicing the art of
noticing, of looking for traces and ways of knowing
and world making.